Starting and Charging Repair

The starting and charging systems are two of the most important components of your vehicle—they work together to start the engine and maintain power to electrical systems. The process begins with the starting system as it converts electrical energy from the battery to mechanical energy via the starting motor. This motor then transfers the mechanical energy to the engine, effectively starting the car. Once the engine is started, the charging system takes over. It is responsible for generating power for the vehicle’s electrical systems by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. The charging system is energized by the battery and then driven by the power of the engine. Once all of the electrical systems have been supplied with adequate power, the charging system sends current into the battery to restore its charge. Many components make up the starting and charging systems, and a lot can go wrong. If you’re experiencing any issues starting your car or maintaining power, bring your car to Lake Norman. With our highly trained technicians and state-of-the-art service center, we’ll have you on the road in no time!