Manual Transmission Repair

The role of any transmission is to prevent the engine from overexertion while transferring its power to the wheels. A manual transmission accomplishes this through different gear combinations that ensure the engine is below its ‘redline’ while still producing the greatest amount of torque and horsepower. An engine’s ‘redline’ is the maximum number of revolutions per minute that it can sustain without exploding. In a vehicle with a manual transmission, the driver locks and unlocks sets of gears with the clutch pedal and shifts between them with the gearshift. Our technicians are highly trained and frequently attend seminars to update their skills. We feel confident that we can find a solution to any of your transmission troubles. So whether you need a specific repair, or just want to stay on top of maintenance, bring it by Lake Norman Tire & Auto Center. Our service and repair center is located just outside of Mooresville, NC.